Automotive Airconditioning

If your vehicle air conditioning is no longer as cool as it used to be, or has malfunctioned altogether, there may be issues with your air conditioning unit. At Selected Motoleks our technicians can perform diagnostics to determine the problem and also offer you services to repair or replace parts of the air-conditioning unit in your vehicle


Every vehicle owner wants to ensure the safety of his or her vehicle as well as the valuables inside. It is always a good idea to have some sort of anti-theft device for your car. A good alarm system does not only act as a deterrent to intruders but also acts as a warning to the owner that there is a possible intrusion. At selected Motolek workshops, we offer car alarm installation services. Our professionally trained and experienced technicians will install the right alarm system suitable for your vehicle.


Your vehicle’s alternator supplies the power to the electrical systems while keeping the battery charged. Motolek offers alternator replacement and repairs for various vehicles. If your vehicle is experiencing problems when starting, or you suspect that there might be a problem with your alternator, visit your nearest Motolek workshop to have it diagnosed. Our experienced technicians will quickly identify the vehicle’s problem to determine whether the alternator needs to be replaced or repaired.


Whether you are looking to upgrade the sound quality of your factory system or repair your audio system, our Motolek workshops have a wide range of solutions to fit your needs. This service is only available at selected workshops.

Auto Electrical

Diagnosing and repairing vehicle auto electrical systems requires the right tools, equipment and knowledgeable technicians to ensure that your vehicle’s problems are properly diagnosed and repaired. At our Motolek workshops we specialise in auto electrical systems of various vehicles, and we offer you quality workmanship which is backed by equally good quality parts. Our highly skilled technicians offer comprehensive experience in working on a wide range of vehicles.


Battling to start a car’s engine and dim headlights can be a sign of a problem with your vehicle’s starting and charging system. A weak or dead battery can prevent your car from starting because the battery is required for the electrical charge to start the rest of the electrical system.

At Motolek we can help you to choose the right battery for your vehicle. Our staff at Motolek can test your battery too see if it is the cause of the vehicle problems you might be experiencing. This will determine whether your battery needs to be recharged or completely replaced. If your battery needs to be replaced, we have a wide range of quality batteries that are backed by warranties and can get your vehicle back on the road.

Wiring and Diagnostics

Modern vehicles’ computers operate systems such as air conditioning, radios, airbags, alarm systems, engine controls and many other components. Some may think that an engine light coming on tells the technician at a workshop what the issue is with the vehicle. However the reality is that this is only an indication of a symptom and not the underlying problem.

Instead of continuous trial and error parts-swapping to try and diagnose your vehicle’s problem, our technicians can save you time and money by using computerised diagnostic equipment to pin point the problem.

Reverse Sensors

A reverse sensor is a useful feature that helps in preventing collisions that can occur when one is reversing. It also helps to provide safety for pedestrians and children who happen to be around the vehicle. Selected Motolek workshops offer installation and repairs of reverse sensors. Visit our store locator to see which workshops close to you offer this service.

Rear View Cameras

A vehicle rear view camera is another safety feature aimed at preventing accidents when the driver is reversing or parking a car. While in previous years these cameras were seen as a luxury feature, today in most cars they come standard while after-market versions are now also available. At selected Motolek workshops, we have technicians specialising in the installation and maintenance of these back-up cameras.


Our Motolek workshops also specialise in repairing and installing starters for a wide range of both old and new vehicle models. If your vehicle is struggling to start, you may be experiencing problems with your starter. A weak battery and bad wiring might also lead to starter motor problems. Your vehicle might make clicking sounds or refuse to start altogether. Bad wiring can affect the starter and this in turn might be due to time and heat taking a toll on basic electrical components. Our technicians at Motolek are experts at diagnosing and finding solutions for starter problems. Contact your nearest Motolek or drive into one of our workshops and let our friendly staff assist you.